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Hey! What are you doing! What are you trying to find! Are you stalking me? Well while your here I might as well torture you and tell you things about me AKA the creator of Finding Stars :3.

I am a 5th grader at the moment. If you can't tell already I'm a Female, well an 11 year old girl. My name is エマ・デ・ウィット well you just need to translate it. I like lots of things, to name a few, Minecraft , Fnaf , Scratch , Animal Jam , and much more! I love music, and any form of art. My inspiration for this book was Aphmau's/Jess' series Minecraft Diaries. I will be getting it on a minecrft series soon. If I had the equipment, and the computer then I would but I don't so I can't. So more info if you guys want!