Welcome to the Finding Stars Chronicles WikiaEdit

This is a Wikia about a books I'm devoting maybe about a year or two to. My series is not finished yet and I am planning to have over 5 books. Hope you enjoy! :3

Just click me to go to the first book!

What is it about?Edit

The book is based of of a little roleplaying my friends did but branching off of what little roleplaying we did due to school. I ended up branching out from the roleplay and creating something really awesome (I guess IDK you decide) But anyway, Hope you enjoy!

I will be adding new characters because I ask friends to help me with characters to add. Most of the characters are either characters I added or characters I aked my friends to make. If you want me to make you into the series all you need to do is contact me on my social media.

Latest activityEdit

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