She watched over everyone over millions of years, but after a while she noticed the planets get dark so she sent out the ladies of the Irene Dimension, Lady of the Seasons later reborn as June and, Lady of Moon later renamed Layla. Watching them battle in the future was hard, she guided them through the battle with signs and gifts while she was trapped in crystal. Although she wasn't able to move she could in a way, as darkness begins to spread it starts to hit the crystal turning it into darkness, birthing The Dark Warrior. Can Layla, June, and Lady Irene stop the universe from turning into darkness or will they fail resulting into a war between sides.

Creators note; My inspiration for Serenity was two things, me and Sailor Moon. The Sailor Moon part was just the name. Me being the one who created it I used some of my friend's personalities. Basically I'm a very quet person giving one of Serenity's names being The Lady of Silence. The part about her being cursed on a star is me being in my room isolated from the world besides the internet, and me having depresion that's another reason. Really it took me 3 months to get a name for the character first I started Starburst th Stardust, the Star, and finally Serenity. I have to say, this is one of the most challenging things I have done. Hopefully you like my series please give me all the support and critics you have.